I noticed everything. I just acted like I didn’t.
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HUD - The Big U: Rebuild by Design  |  BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group

Location: Lower Manhattan, New York, USA  Rebuild by Design.com   |  Video

- In the wake of hurricane sandy, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has detailed plans for a 10-mile ribbon to protect lower manhattan from future storm surges and natural disasters. after months of research and exhaustive public feedback, BIG are one of ten teams presenting proposals for different sandy-affected regions, part of an ongoing initiative entitled ‘rebuild by design‘. coined the ‘big U’, the systematic approach encircles manhattan responding directly to the needs and concerns of the area’s communities. running from west 57th street south to the battery and north to east 42nd street, the project defends the region’s low-lying and vulnerable topograph.


Breathe, 2014 | Elizabeth Gadd

I heard you came back from the dead. 
Yeah, only eight more lives left

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Relay for Life at University of Cincinnati is tomorrow!

I’m doing Relay for Life at my school to help raise fund for cancer patients. I invite you to join me in my donation and spread positivity around!

As a token of appreciation, I will choose one kind soul at random and give out a #Spotify premium code. (If you are on campus, you get a pair of Spotify sunglasses as long as you contribute to the donation!)

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